Slow stitching, tins & bees

Apart from my love of crochet and all things yarny, I do love to sit and stitch.  There is something really relaxing about the sound of a needle and thread when you push your needle through the linen and the way your thread might become a little tangled and you have to dangle your needle in the air while it slowly untwists itself….  If you don’t stitch then you’re probably thinking what on earth is she going on about …But I do love the way stitching makes you slow right down and be present…..

Last year I bought a couple of kits from the lovely Nicki of  If you haven’t seen her website or follow her on Instagram, where have you been? You should go and check her out.  You can find her on instagram @nickifranklin_needlework.

Without a doubt, Nicki reignited my love of embroidery.  Her blog posts are so inspiring.  She writes extremely well (maybe one day I might be as good as her) and I’ve read her posts several million times 🙂

There’s something to be said about spending an hour or so winding thread round little cards and arranging them into colour palettes. Any leftovers, I can’t even bear to part with, I keep to one side in their own little space.

I love collecting tins too so I can store bits and pieces in them. Old buttons, leftover threads, old charts, anything really that I think might come in handy one day. I also like to keep bits and pieces in little drawers.

If I had to chose between cross stitch and embroidery, I think I would chose embroidery. It’s not to say that I don’t like cross stitch and I have a couple of wips to prove it, but embroidery is like painting with a needle and you can ad-lib if you feel the need by adding in a few extra french knots here and there. These are very addictive, you have been warned!

I have to confess I started the squirrel cross stitch (top of the picture) quite a while ago. I’m sure I’ll get round to finishing it eventually but I seem to get very distracted. Something new comes along – for a short time I like that better – start that and then eventually come full circle and pick up an old wip. I’m sure I’m not alone 🙂

Apart from a cupboard I have that I tend to keep all my crafty things in, although my hubby would disagree and tell you that I have things stored away in a cupboard under the stairs and in his garage! I also have a footstool where all of my embroidery wips, threads, tins and hoops are kept. I do try and tidy it every now and then, if only to look at what beautiful pieces of old linen I’ve collected or threads that I’ve bought. It does look a little bit chaotic but believe me that’s tidy 🙂

Nicki’s kits are beautifully packaged and include not only the linen with a printed design and the threads, but you also get some bits and pieces “fripperies”, I think they’re called. Bits of lace, antique buttons, fabric that you might want to embellish your finished piece with or put to one side in a lovely tin to be used again.

Nicki’s colour choices are right up my street, as us Northerner’s would say!

One of the very first kits I bought from Nicki was this one and I think it’s safe to say, is my most favouritist (is that a word?)… I love lavender (we have quite a lot in our garden – in fact come to think of it we need more). It’s not for everyone I know but I do like that smell, especially when you brush past it and you get that lovely scent wafting into the air 🙂

I loved stitching the honey bees. What’s not to love about them 🙂 In fact I’ve been trying to find what plants best suit bees, apart from lavender of course, and we (I say “we”) are wanting to re design our garden (hard graft left to my lovely hubbie), put a pond back in (that’s another story) and make it more wildlife friendly. And that is certainly worthy of a whole new post of its own……

Thank’s so much for stopping by 🙂


  1. Deb sellars
    May 9, 2019 / 6:23 pm

    I’m already itching to start an embroidery, your writing an thoughts are so inspiring, lovely post,

  2. Mrs G
    May 20, 2019 / 10:27 pm

    That was a lovely bedtime read Steph! Thank you. I love the way you write. You describe everything so well and your passion is clear for all to see. I also think fripperies is a simply fabulous word xx

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