Tiny flowers, pine cones and a glue gun

I’m enjoying the simplest of things at the moment. Taking the time to crochet a flower or a leaf is instantly satisfying, as it doesn’t take too long to do yet you have something so neat and lovely at the end of it.

Maybe it’s the gentle rhythmic way of producing such a small delicate piece that whisks you away for a few minutes into what we all know as mindfulness, and which I think is truly good for the soul.

There are so many different flower designs to choose from, the list is endless…

So to start on another wreath making journey, I had a good look through my stash and began…

I have to say there is something so satisfying about crocheting flowers and leaves, they don’t take too long and you can have fun choosing your colours.

Primroses are such a lovely flower to crochet. These are from Kate Eastwood’s book, Crocheted Wreaths & Garlands, which you can get here.

I used Yarn and Colors Must-have minis. They are the perfect size for a project like this and are really affordable and the colours are stunning. I bought mine from here. I have had mine for quite a while and have a confession to make. I wanted to store them in a bowl so I could stare at them when I felt like I needed a “pick me up” and unfortunately removed the tags, so I can’t come up with a list for you (oops I’m learning and promise next time I post a project I will have all of that to hand).

Hopefully the photo above will help you to choose your colours, should you wish to join in 🙂 x

I then set about using my glue gun, which I absolutely love and now wouldn’t be without. I spent an hour or so playing around with the flowers and leaves and the odd pine cone and finally decided to just start gluing them on in a random way to see what happened…

Ta dahh…… I am really pleased with it and I’ve hung it on the wall in a corner of our lounge 🙂

Thanks so much for reading ..


  1. Mrs G
    April 22, 2019 / 7:20 am

    That’s so pretty Steph! I love that had your minis in a bowl, if I did that my cats would think I’d left them a new bowl of treats!

    Thanks for another lovely blog post. I’m now itching to find an excuse to dig out my glue gun xx

  2. April 22, 2019 / 7:46 am

    What beautiful colours! I’m going to have to get myself down to hobbycraft and pick up some wreath making supplies, including a glue gun which I can’t believe I don’t already own! Loved this post Steph! Xx

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